Articles – 2016

shutterstock_298259972Car dependence and neighborhood affordability

Deborah Salon, Arizona State University, USA

Keywords: automobile dependence, housing cost, location efficiency, neighborhood affordability, urban form, vehicle miles traveled
(Published January 5, 2016)

shutterstock_141250204Structure and agency: The seeds of sustainability for 21st century cities

Andrew Rudd, UN Habitat, USA

Keywords: agency, SDGs, sustainability, urban structure, urbanization
(Published January 12, 2016)

1430433167_f50bdaaaab_oAn examination of China’s New Urbanization Strategy

Jun Yang, Tsinghua University, China

Keywords: affordable housing, China, environment, health, migration, social problems, urban SDG
(Published January 19, 2016)

shutterstock_198216053The lucky country? Social space and community gardens in Australian cities

Alec Thornton, The University of New South Wales, Australia

Keywords: Australia, community gardens, justice, social theory, urban agriculture
(Published January 26, 2016)

shutterstock_268856306Setting priorities in a new era for climate adaptation

Meghan Doherty, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN), USA

Keywords: assessment, cities, climate change adaptation, hazards, indicators, vulnerability
(Published February 2, 2016)

shutterstock_359518463Challenges in assessing and measuring urban resilience

Susie Moloney, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Australia
Marta Olazabal, Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain
Lilia Yumagulova, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Lorenzo Chelleri, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

Keywords: assessment, Global Carbon Project, socio-ecological systems, toolkits, urban resilience
(Published February 23, 2016)

Qiu_DSC_0669We need a global collection of local scenarios

Jenny Seifert & Stephen Carpenter, University of Wisconsin, USA

Keywords: biodiversity, ecosystem services, futures, resilience, scenarios, Yahara 2070
(Published March 1, 2016)

10998056224_446cb7d548_oBuea, Cameroon and the planning challenges of peri-urban settlements

Jude Ndzifon Kimengsi, Catholic University of Cameroon, Cameroon
Solange Akhere Gwan, University of Olso, Norway
Elinge Lyonga Emmanuel, Buea City Council, Cameroon

Keywords: Buea, Cameroon, peri-urban, urban development, urbanization
(Published March 8, 2016)

shutterstock_189836186Transforming desert playgrounds into urban oases

Jennifer Vanos, Texas Tech University, USA
Robert Brown, University of Guelph, Canada

Keywords: bioclimatic design, desert, greenspace, playground, shade, urban climate
(Published March 22, 2016)

shutterstock_362847104Rapid urban growth in mountainous regions: The case of Nainital, India

Prakash C. Tiwari, Kumaon University, India
Bhagwati Joshi, Government Post Graduate College, India

Keywords: climate change, Himalya, India, mountainous regions, Nainital, urbanization
(Published March 29, 2016)

shutterstock_129730406The informal as the “city” in urban Africa: Experience from Kampala

Shuaib Lwasa, Makerere University, Uganda

Keywords:housing, informal cities, informal economy, Kampala, Uganda, urban development, urban ecosystems
(Published April 5, 2016)

shutterstock_287030588Nature-based solutions for cities: A new tool for sustainable urban land development?

Dagmar Haase, Humboldt University, Germany

Keywords: biodiversity, climate change adaptation, nature-based solutions, urban ecology, urban ecosystem services
(Published May 17, 2016)

shutterstock_91840229The 2011 Thai floods: An urban political ecology analysis

Danny Marks, University of Sydney, Australia

Keywords:Bangkok, disaster governance, floods, political ecology, social vulnerability, Thailand, urbanization
(Published May 24, 2016)

shutterstock_323789024The science and practice of urban planning in slums

Jose Lobo, Arizona State University, USA

Keywords: urbanization, data, urban planning, informal cities, slums, community planning
(Published May 31, 2016)

shutterstock_243805252Cultures of nature: What does it mean to be native in the city?

Erle C. Ellis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

Keywords: Anthropocene, biodiversity, conservation, native species, urban ecology
(Published June 7, 2016)

shutterstock_386306728Cities, data, and greenhouse gas emissions

Stephanie Pincetl & Erik Porse, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Keywords: buildings, California, data, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, Los Angeles, utilities
(Published June 21, 2016)

shutterstock_385980676Towards transformative and climate-compatible urban development pathways

Chantal Pacteau, Paris Research Consortium Climate-Environment-Society, France

Keywords: cities, climate change, lifestyles, socio-ecological systems, stakeholders, temporalities
(Published July 12, 2016)

Mother & Daughter Walking, Pune IndiaNon-communicable diseases in urban India: Challenges for public health

Mareike Kroll & Frauke Kraas, University of Cologne, Germany

Keywords: disease surveillance, health disparities, India, non-communicable diseases, public health, urban health
(Published July 19, 2016)

shutterstock_3145835Planning for climate justice in American cities

Chingwen Cheng, Arizona State University, USA

Keywords: climate change adaptation, climate justice, flooding, green infrastructure, hazards, social vulnerability
(Published August 16, 2016)

shutterstock_426111316Transdisciplinary research in urban Africa: A coat of many blended colors

Buyana Kareem, Uganda Management Institute, Uganda

Keywords: Africa, coastal vulnerability, Durban, informal settlements, Stellenbosch, transdisciplinary research
(Published August 23, 2016)

shutterstock_385861141A social-ecological systems approach to dengue-chikungunya-zika in urban coastal Ecuador

Anna M. Stewart-Ibarra, SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

Keywords: chikungunya, coastal cities, dengue fever, disease surveillance, Ecuador, public health, socio-ecological systems urban health, zika
(Published September 13, 2016)

collier-headerA role for novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene?

Marcus Collier, University College Dublin, Ireland

Keywords: Anthropocene, novel ecosystems
(Published September 20, 2016)

shutterstock_461314297The urban resilience fallacy: Gaps between theory and practice

Lorenzo Chelleri, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

Keywords: theory, urban resilience, urban systems
(Published October 11, 2016)

taipei-riverIntermediary organizations and participatory river governance in Taiwan

Sue-Ching Jou
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Keywords: integrated watershed management, intermediary organizations, river governance, Taiwan
(Published November 22, 2016)

shutterstock_35940409What does it mean for a city to be resilient?

Sara Meerow & Joshua P. Newell
University of Michigan, USA

Keywords: definitions, urban resilience
(Published: December 20, 2016)