Dear Reader,

For the past seven years, The Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) Project has sought to communicate the latest in urban GEC research, practice, and collaborations through its journal publication, UGEC Viewpoints.  We are proud of the work that was done on those issues and are thrilled to have had the opportunity to publish so many important articles on GEC research.  We would especially like to thank Suzanne Landtiser of Fineline Studio, the graphic designer who has put so many hours of hard work into giving Viewpoints its signature look.  However, after a run of ten issues, we have decided to discontinue this publication in its current form.

In its place, the UGEC International Project Office has decided to undertake a new venture: the UGEC Viewpoints blog (https://ugecviewpoints.wordpress.com).  It will feature many of the same kinds of articles as before, but we will also be branching out into new types as well, including opinion pieces, roundtables, and a few others that we’ll keep under wraps for now.  We hope that this blog will be of interest not only to UGEC researchers, scholars and stakeholders, but to the general public as well.  We will work with our writers to ensure that these articles are accessible, insightful, visual, and continue the tradition of bringing new and exciting GEC research to a wider audience.

Needless to say, we’re very excited at the prospects for this blog.  We are currently planning to publish one article per week, but this will change as we become more accustomed to using this new medium.  With the release of this announcement, we will now begin to accept abstracts for the following types of entries:

  • Research articles: these are in keeping with the traditional pieces published in past issues of UGEC Viewpoints.   Articles should discuss your current research and be forward looking, including a discussion of problems or knowledge gaps, potential solutions for moving forward, etc.  All articles should be accompanied by detailed graphics and rich images that enhance the experience and understanding of the reader.  Word count: 1800
  •  Opinions: these will be shorter, more pointed pieces that can be vehicles for commentary and analysis of the state of GEC research, the community, and other important issues pertaining to the past, present and future of UGEC.  Word count: 1200

We are accepting abstracts on a rolling basis.  They should be submitted to ugecviewpoints@asu.edu.

We hope you will join us in this new endeavor!  You can follow us on Twitter for updates: @ugecviewpoints

Kind Regards,

Corrie Griffith & Mark Watkins


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