UGEC Viewpoints Past Issues

The bi-annual UGEC Viewpoints publications (2008-2014) showcased the diversity of work undertaken by the UGEC community, placing particular attention on knowledge gaps and implications for policy as well as the IPO’s efforts towards synthesis of the new knowledge generated. 


Issue 10 (May 2014) Urbanization and Global Environmental Change: Exploring Local Solutions to Global Challenges
ISBN 978-0-9888675-9-8

  • Governance and Urban Resilience in Africa: Lessons from START’s GEC Scoping Workshops – Senay Habtezion and Clark Seipt
  • Rapid Urbanization, GEC and the Challenge of Water Provision to the Poor: Lessons from Utility-Community Partnership Models in Kenya –  Daniel M. Nzengya and Rimjhim Aggarwal
  • The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Shaping Adaptation Capacities of the Urban Poor in Kampala, Uganda – Peter Kasaija and Shuaib Lwasa
  • How Prepared are UK Cities for Addressing Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation? – Oliver Heidrich, Richard J. Dawson, Diana Reckien, and Claire L. Walsh
  • Ecosystem Services in Urban Landscapes: Practical Applications and Governance Implications – The URBES Approach – Dagmar Haase, Timon McPhearson, Niki Frantzeskaki, and Anna Kaczorowska
  • Understanding Drivers of Urban Expansion: Exploratory Case Studies of Three Indian Cities – Shriya Anand and Kavita Wankhade
  • Developing Resilient Housing for Disaster-prone Regions in Central Vietnam – Tran Tuan Anh
  • Local Water Issues Reframe Responses to Environmental Change – Cat Button


Issue 9 (July 2013) Paving the Way Forward in Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Research: Emerging Scholars Edition
ISBN 978-0-9888675-2-9

  • The Role of Local Politicians and Political Realities in Shaping Urban Climate Change
    Agendas: The Case of eThekwini Municipality – Hayley Leck
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment and the Development of Adaptation Pathways – Ashley Kingsborough
  • Urbanization and Its Impacts on an Estuarine Wetland Area in Fuzhou City, China – Yuanbin Cai and Xiangrong Wang
  • Integrating Wetland Ecosystem Services into the Planning of Urban Landscapes in Developing
    Cities of East Africa: Lessons from European Riverine Wetlands and Floodplains – Najib Lukooya Bateganya, Judith Tukahirwa, Henry Busulwa and Thomas Hein
  • Getting off the Island: Understanding Urban Heat in a Changing World – Jason Vargo
  • Rapidly Urbanizing Indian Cities: The Problem of Local Heat but a Global Challenge – Richa Sharma and P. K. Joshi
  • Combating the Urban Heat Island Effect: Strategies for Enhancing the Cooling Capacity
    of Green Infrastructure in Melbourne, Australia – Alexei Trundle, Karyn Bosomworth and Darryn McEvoy
  • Revealing Sprawl and Structural Connectivity in Europe: A Cross-National Comparison – Menno Mandemaker, Martha Bakker and Tom (A.) Veldkamp
  • Street Tree Management in Bangkok, Thailand: Policies, Challenges and Perceptions of Ecosystem Services – Natthanij Soonsawad
  • Spatial Analysis of Oases Transformation for Sustainable Growth in El-Bahariya Oasis, Egypt – Ahmed Abdelhalim M Hassan
  • Green Investment in Asian Cities – Takako Wakiyama and Joni Jupesta


Issue 8 (November 2012)Connecting Past and Present Lessons in Urbanization and the Environment
ISBN 978-0-9888675-7-4

  • Beyond Adaptive Capacity Checklists: Examining the Construction of Capacity in Mexico City and Santiago – Patricia Romero-Lankao, Sara Hughes, Angélica Rosas-Huerta, Roxana Borquéz and Melissa Haeffner
  • A Probabilistic Risk-Based Approach to Addressing Impacts of Climate Change on Cities: The Tyndall Centre’s Urban Integrated Assessment Framework – Katie Jenkins, Vassilis Glenis, Alistair Ford and Jim Hall
  • Trade-Offs and Synergies in Urban Climate Policies: A Case Study in the Paris Urban Area – Vincent Viguié and Stéphane Hallegatte
  • Special Section: Urban Sustainability — What We Can Learn from Archaeology
  • The Role of Ancient Cities in Research on Contemporary Urbanization – Michael E. Smith
  • Low-Density Urbanism, Sustainability, and IHOPE-Maya: Can the Past Provide More than History? – Vernon L. Scarborough, Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase
  • Investigating Urban Experiences, Deconstructing Urban Essentialism – Christian Isendahl
  • Are City-Based Emissions Trading Schemes Efficient Instruments for Reducing Local GHG Emissions? – Benoit Lefèvre and Gautier Kohler
  • Mexico City in the 21st Century: Population Dynamics and Policy Responses – Gary Sands and Laura A. Reese
  • Developing Spatial Economic Models of Land Change for Policy Simulation – Elena G. Irwin and Douglas Wrenn


Issue 7 (May 2012) Interdisciplinary Initiatives for an Urban Earth
ISBN 978-0-9888675-8-1

  • The Importance of Ecosystem Services for Urban Areas: Valuation and Modelling Approaches – Dagmar Haase
  • Adaptation at the Urban-Regional Level in Santiago de Chile: A Science-Policy Research Approach – Kerstin Krellenberg
  • Building Stakeholder Collaborations through Innovative Data Sharing: The J-Earth Project – Lela Prashad, Scott Dickenshied, Shay Cheeseman and Philip Christensen
  • Flood Control and Water Management in Metropolitan São Paulo: Prospects of Integration in the Context of Urban Environmental Change – Ricardo Toledo Silva
  • Building Capacity for Understanding, Managing and Reducing Risks and Vulnerabilities in Urban Areas – Jon Padgham andClark Seipt
  • UK Environmental Governance through Community – Gerald Aiken
  • Confronting the Challenges and Opportunities of Indian Urbanization: Insights from the 2011 India Urban Conference – Kavita Wankhade and H. S. Sudhira
  • Mainstreaming Urban Climate Change Adaptation: Engaging ‘Early Adopters’ – Elizabeth Parker, Sam Kernaghan and Tim Hawley
  • Urban Sustainability and Ecology of Environmental Justice – Christopher Boone


Issue 6 (Nov. 2011) Addressing Grand Challenges for Global Sustainability: Monitoring, Forecasting, and Governance of Urban Systems
ISBN 978-0-9888675-6-7

  • Beyond Climate-Proofing: Taking an Integrated Approach to Building Climate Resilience in Asian Cities – Anna Brown and Sam Kernaghan
  • Engaging Stakeholders in Urban Climate Adaptation: Early Lessons from Early Adapters – JoAnn Carmin, David Dodman and Eric Chu
  • Exploring Space-Time Variation in Urban Carbon Metabolism – Lucy R. Hutyra, Steve Raciti, Nathan G. Phillips and J. William Munger
  • Urban Remote Sensing (URS) and Forecasting Urban Land-Use (FORE) Workshops: Common Ground and Targeted Opportunities – Elizabeth A. Wentz, Karen C. Seto, Soe Myint, Maik Netzband and Michail Fragkias
  • Thermal Satellite Data for Assessment and Monitoring of surface Temperature Changes and its Impact on Micro-Climate of Delhi – Javed Mallick, Atiqur Rahman, Maik Netzband and Sunil Bhaskaran
  • The Impact of Demographic Change on the Accessibility to Public Services for the Elderly and Children of Hannover, Germany – Helber Y. López Covaleda and Tyler J. Frazier
  • Urban Growth Models in a Fast-Urbanizing World – Burak Güneralp
  • Environmental Change and Urban Resilience: The Experiences of Gorakhpur – B.K Singh and Shiraz Wajih
  • Local Knowledge and Capacity for Global Environmental Change Adaptation in Urban Slums and Informal Settlements of the Developing World – Peter Elias
  • Domestic Water Accessibility and Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Peripheral Urban Settlements of Mérida Metropolitan Area, Yucatán, México – Mauricio Domínguez-Aguilar and Federico Dickinson Bannack
  • Global Climate Change and Strategies for Urban Sustainability: A Case Study of the Estuary City of Shanghai, China – Xiangrong Wang, Shixiong Wang, Yuan Wang, Huanran Ling and Zhengqiu Fan


Issue 5 (April 2011) Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability in an Urbanizing World: Selections from the UGEC 2010 Conference
ISBN 978-0-9888675-5-0

  • Remote Sensing Data for the Mapping of Urban Poverty and Slum Areas – Maik Netzband and Atiqur Rahman
  • The Impacts of Urbanization on Cultivated Land Change in China – Xiangzheng Deng and Karen C. Seto
  • Transforming Accra towards a Sustainable Future: Comprehensive Land Use Planning and the Greater Accra Urban Simulation System (GAUSS) –Tyler J. Frazier
  • City Systems, their Growth and Sustainability: An Urban Biogeochemistry Approach – Anastasia Svirejeva-Hopkins, Yuri G. Puzachenko and Robert B. Sandlersky
  • Urban Growth and Food Security in the Himalayas – Prakash C. Tiwari and Bhagwati Joshi
  • Operational Framing of Climate Change Adaptation at the Local and Regional Scales – Hartmut Fünfgeld and Darryn McEvoy
  • India: Patterns of an Urbanizing Nation – P K Joshi, Richa Sharma, Brij Mohan Bairwa and Vinay Sinha
  • Patterns, Process, Causes and Consequences of Urban Growth – H. S. Sudhira
  • Sea Level Rise and Flood Risk in Rio de Janeiro City: Challenges of Global Climate Change – Andrea Ferraz Young
  • Built Landscapes of Urban Regions: An International Comparison – Stephen M. Wheeler and Jayoung Koo
  • Local and Global Changes in an Urbanizing World: The Connections of Urban Agriculture within Cities – Camille Lanzarotti Nolasco
  • Building Green Cities: The Urban Green Growth Management Model (U2G2M) – Cristiane Carvalho, Benjamín Infante, Ricardo Jordán


Issue 4 (Oct. 2010) The Science and Practice of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change: A Look Ahead
ISBN 978-0-9888675-4-3

  • Rediscovering Urban Societies in the 21st Century: A Role for UGEC – Roberto Sánchez Rodríguez
  • What is a City? Old Debate, New Implications – Peter J. Marcotullio & William Solecki
  • Transboundary Urban Systems and Global Environmental Change: The Need for Effective Regional Policy Integration – David Simon
  • Governing Climate Change in the City – Harriet Bulkeley
  • Urban Vulnerabilities and Adaptation in Low Income Countries: Perspectives for Future Research in Africa – Shuaib Lwasa
  • Remote Sensing of Urban Areas for Climate Change Science – Karen C. Seto & Peter Christensen
  • Towards a New Science and Practice of Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Areas – Michail Fragkias


Issue 3 (March 2010) Integrative Perspectives on Urbanization and Climate Change
ISBN 978-0-9888675-3-6

  • Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies in Latin American City-Regions: The Case of Santiago de Chile – Kerstin Krellenberg, Dirk Heinrichs, Jonathan Barton
  • The Tyndall Centre’s Urban Integrated Assessment Facility – Richard Dawson, Jim Hall, Claire Walsh, Terry Barker, Stuart Barr, Mike Batty, Abigail Bristow, Aidan Burton, Sebastian Carney, Athanasios Dagoumas, Steve Evans, Alistair Ford, Vassilis Glennis, Claire Goodess, Colin Harpham, Helen Harwatt, Chris Kilsby, Jonathan Köhler, Phil Jones, Lucy Manning, Mark McCarthy, Mike Sanderson, Miles Tight, Paul Timms, Alberto Zanni
  • CO2 Emissions in U.S. Counties: The Importance and Interplay of Population Size, Income and Creative Economic Activity – Michail Fragkias & Jose Lobo
  • Challenges to Adaptation for Risk-Prone Coastal Livelihoods in Tumaco, Pacific Coast (Colombia) – Andrea Lampis
  • Urbanization and Global Environmental Change and Its Implications for China’s Future Urban Socio-Economic Development Strategy – Yangfan Li & Xiaodong Zhu
  • Perspectives on Climate Change Adaptation Policy “Down Under”: A Change of Course for Australia? – Darryn McEvoy & Jane Mullett
  • On the Role of Urbanization in Hydroclimate Extremes: Changing Water Cycle, Record Floods, and More – J. Marshall Shepherd
  • Challenges of Urbanization and Peri-Urban Development in Europe: The Contribution of the PLUREL Project – Thomas Sick Nielsen, Kjell Nilsson with contributions from: Dagmar Haase, Jan Peters-Anders, Annette Piorr, Sophie Rickebush, Mark Rounsevell, Nina Schwarz, Ingo Zazada
  • Thirsty Capital: Urban Growth, Water Management and Infrastructure Investments in Khartoum – Salma Abdalla, Anne-Sophie Beckedorf, David Blanchon, Martin Doevenspeck, Detlef Müller-Mahn


Issue 2 (Sept. 2009) Urbanization: a Critical Human Dimension of Global Environmental Change
ISBN 978-0-9888675-1-2

  • Introduction to the Issue – Corrie Griffith
  • Reexamining the Capacity of Cities as Agents of Global Environmental Change: The Case of Delhi – Rimjhim Aggarwal
  • Social Relations in the Waste Waterscapes: The Case of Delhi’s Informal Settlements – Anna Zimmer
  • Politics of Space in the Megacity Dhaka: Negotiation of Rules in Contested Urban Arenas – Benjamin Etzold & Markus Keck
  • Urban Governance and Modern Challenges: Evaluating Urban Water Services – Sara Hughes
  • Landscape Fragmentation under Rapid Urbanization – Abigail M. York, Sainan Zhang, Christopher G. Boone, Milan Shrestha
  • Hierarchy of Urban Areas in the Brazilian Amazon and Its Environmental Implications – Gilvan Guedes, Sandra Costa, Eduardo Brondízio
  • Urban Transitions for Progressive Climate Proofing: Mexico’s Caribbean Coast – Mark Pelling, David Manuel-Navarrete, Michael Redclift
  • Managing City Growth and Development in the Context of Environmental Changes Within Sub-Saharan Africa – Shuaib Lwasa
  • Urban Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: Key Issues and Challenges for Nigeria – Felix Olorunfemi
  • Chronic Vulnerability in Niger Republic: A Challenge to Urbanization – Oluyemi Fayomi


Issue 1 (Aug. 2008) Urban Responses to Climate Change in the Americas
ISBN 978-0-9888675-0-5

  • Introduction to the Issue – Roberto Sanchez- Rodriguez, William Solecki, Michail Fragkias
  • Global Environmental Change and the Sustainable Use of Space in “Second Half” Cities – George Martine
  • Urban Issues, Concerns and Responses to Climate Change in the Cities of the Americas: The View of the IPCC AR4 – Monirul Mirza
  • How Cities in Low- and Middle-Income Nations have Begun to Respond to the Challenges of Climate Change – Patricia Romero Lankao
  • All Climate Change is Local – George Martine
  • The Responses of Urban Areas to Climate Change: Perspectives on Energy Efficiency in Megacities of Latin America – Ricardo Jordan
  • Urbanization and Global Climate Change: The Case of Bogotá- Colombia – Andrea Lampis
  • Total Urban Water Management in São Paulo, Brazil: A Case Study of Ongoing Experiences on Applied Research and Public Policy – Ricardo Silva Toledo

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