Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in the UGEC Viewpoints Blog.  We’re currently accepting two types of articles:

Research articles: These are in keeping with the traditional pieces published in past issues of UGEC Viewpoints. Articles should discuss your current research and be forward looking, including a discussion of problems or knowledge gaps, potential solutions for moving forward, etc. All articles should be accompanied by detailed graphics and rich images that enhance the experience and understanding of the reader. Maximum word count: 1800

Opinions: These should be shorter, more pointed pieces that can be vehicles for commentary and analysis of the state of GEC research, the community, and other important issues pertaining to the past, present and future of UGEC research. A distinct sense of voice and personality should be present in the writing. Maximum word count: 1200

We highly recommend reading articles on the blog as well as those from our archives for examples of the kind of writing we are looking for.

If you are interested, please submit a 300 word abstract to

Header Image: Kyoto, Japan.  Credit: Mark Watkins


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